Permanent Multimedia Installation

With Premiere Multimedia Services, we not only provide short term event rentals and production setup, but we are also providers of permanent setup of multimedia services and products. All of our products are of the highest quality and all of our staff is trained to support all services and products, and is thoroughly trained in all of your multimedia needs. Since each setup environment is different, we can consult with you on your needs and evaluate your location for optimal audio and video quality.  If these measures are not taken, poor output quality can take place and lead to a sub par experience. Once the evaluation stage is complete, our setup process is performed by certified multimedia technicians and our setup process is seamless and communication is of high importance.  Since each location is different, it’s important that our project manager works along side your team to ensure a perfect setup. If perfection in your multimedia setup is what you’re looking to achieve, look no further than Premiere Multimedia Services.   We are your go-to source for permanent multimedia setup and consulting.